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Stakes, Odds, Dividends, Grehound Betting

The amount of money your wager on the result of the dog race is your stake. If you place a bet where there is more than one possible outcome, such as an each-way bet, then your total bet will be more than your unit bet. Winnings are paid out on your unit bets.

For example, a each-way bet (picking a dog to finish first or second) has two possible outcomes, and therefore a unit stake of 50p will result in a total betting stake of £1.

Winnings will be calculated on the 50p stakes, not the £1 betting total.

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The odds at which the dog is when you place your bet decide how much you win if the bet is successful. There are two numbers, divide the first by the second and then multiply that by your bet.

This is how much you will win if your bet is a success, you'll also get your original stake back.

With odds of 4-1 you'll get four times your stake back if you win, you bet £1, and you are paid out £5; £4 is your winnings and £1 is your stake back.

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