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How To Bet On The Dogs

You can use the race card to gauge the chances of each dog in the race with the cards details of their past performances. Each line of the form guide refers to one race and you usually get the details of the last six.

In open races, where any dog could run, it's likely they'll be a couple of favourites and some rank outsiders, avoid those dogs which aren't good enough to compete and look at the dogs overall form.

This page has more information on betting terms you'll find at the dog track

The dog tracks racing office manager arranges graded races in an attempt for the race to be run as close as possible. Any of the 6 runners should have a chance of winning. This makes the result unpredictable, but does mean the odds on each dog should be better and you'll find few short priced favourites.

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It's said that dogs don't win from behind, but that's not quite true, most greyhound races are won by one of the dogs in first, second or third at the first bend. Overtaking can be a problem as the dogs can bump into each other and get into trouble, losing ground. On your race card you'll notice a sectional or split time, look out for a dog that consistently has a better time than it's rivals, it should lead and give you a good chance. If a dog gets a clear run, it has a good chance of winning, so pick a dog that tends to avoid trouble.

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When a dog is attempting a new longer distance, check their form to see if it has been running on, this is a good indication that the longer distance may suit and it's experience of the shorter races should give it a good early pace.

Dogs run most of their races at the same stadium before they can compete they must take part in three trials at the venue and are then graded according to their performance. Races are graded from A1 to A11; dogs start at A11 and move up one level if they win a race. The best dogs at each stadium run in the A1 races. There are other races, which are described with their own letters. OR is for Open Races, T is for the trials, D is for distance races, S for sprints and P for puppy races.

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